Biota-Sediment Accumulation Factor Database

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Source: Li J-Y, W Shi, Z Li, Y Chen, L Shao, L Jin. 2018. Equilibrium sampling informs tissue residue and sediment remediation for pyrethroid insecticides in mariculture: A laboratory demonstration. Science of the Total Environment 616-617:639-646.

Study aim: "In the current study, we employed PDMS-based equilibrium sampling in an in vivo contact bioassay with spiked sediment in the presence of carbon sorbents to assess the bioavailability and bioaccumulation of pyrethroids to typical seafood species (Venerupis philippinaram)."

Genus Species analyte Study Lipid % ug/kg lipid TOC % ug/kg TOC BSAFR BSAFC Tissue Moisture Sediment Sediment Locale Subdivision, Country Chemical Spiked EXP duration Source; Station Note CAS Reference DOI exit
Venerupis philippinarum Pyrethroids (total) Lab 3.25 N/R 0.64 N/R 0.7 -- (N/I) dry (organism/sediment) Amended Yangshan Port Zhejiang, China Yes 28 d Figure 3a 21 C; 16:8 light:dark photoperiod N/A BSAF3107 Google Scholar