ID T Genus Species Wild/Cult Age OrgCollectNote Chemical CAS Sed Type Sed Wat Sed Lndmrk Sed State Sed Country Sed Time Sed Year Sed Depth Spike Days Exp Ratio Exp Note Org ug/kg Sed ug/kg lipid lipidUnit FOC FOCunit SampleID BSAF Sum Error Unit N Tissue W/D BSAFnotes Author Ref
510 Field Ameiurus melas W adult N/I PCB 086 55312-69-1 N Calumet Harbor Confined Disposal Area (CDF) IL United States N/R 1990 0-2 N N/A N/A N/A 256 368 2.19 % dw 2.08 % dw table4 0.7 Mean N/R NA 1 filet D BSAF is AF; pooled Lutz et al 1994 Lutz et al 1994.Final Report to US Army Corps of Engineers Chicago District. 34 pp +appendix :